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About Us

A Wide Range Of General Contracting Services

A Wide Range Of General Contracting Services

Pro Washing Services is a family owned and operated company based in Frederick, MD. WE STRIVE FOR 100% SATISFACTION. We offer competitive rates and timely services.

We provide hot and cold water cleaning far surpasses results offered by conventional power washing methods. Our combination of skilled, experienced technicians, the use of top quality products, and friendly professional customer service. Pro Washing Services has been servicing residential customers in the Washington Metropolitan area , providing them with reliable, safe, and results oriented pressure washing services.

Benefits Of Hiring Our Competent Company!

Our experienced team uses a specialized soft washing technique to clean your house sidings, shed or business premises. It can be used to give a building a quick fresh look or to clean your roof of any dirt or grime.

A SOFT WASH for the exterior of your house is a sustainable cleaning process with great results. Soft washing uses a low pressure cleaning process which is environmentally friendly and effective.The cleaning solution is specially blended for your surface and building. In contrast to the power washing technique, during soft washing the cleaning solution is applied at low pressure to the surface.

  • Eliminates algae, mold, mildew, moss and fungus
  • Low pressure avoids accidental water damage of house
  • Protects garden with plants and grass around house
  • Safe cleaning of softer external surfaces
  • No damage of window seals